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No longer are we limited to large-scale roof-top installations and outdoor solar panel arrays to capture and convert solar energy into usable power. With Konarka Power Plastic.



Konarka is recognized throughout the world as a leader in OPV (organic photovoltaic) technology – a 3rd generation solar technology that is rapidly emerging to compete with silicon based 1st and 2nd generation solar technologies. The company holds over 350 patents and filings covering every aspect of our proprietary chemistry and processes.  Our current research efforts are exploring exciting new OPV chemistries as well as advances to our existing technology that will produce greater power output at a lower cost. At the heart of Konarka’s technology is a photo-reactive polymer material invented by Konarka co-founder and Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Alan Heeger.  This proprietary material can be printed or coated inexpensively onto flexible substrates using roll-to-roll manufacturing, similar to the way newspaper is printed on large rolls of paper.  The resulting Power Plastic can then be manufactured into a wide range of end-use products.

Konarka’s Power Plastic offers several advances over other OPV technologies:

Tunable Cell Chemistry.

- Power Plastic’s tunable cell chemistry can absorb specific wavelengths of light

– as well as broad spectrum.

- Both Indoor and Outdoor.

- Konarka Power Plastic converts light to energy whether that light is from the sun or a lightbulb enabling it to work both indoors and outdoors.

- Uses All Recyclable Materials.

- Power Plastic is the only thin-film photovoltaic technology that uses all recyclable materials.

Power Plastic is thin, light-weight and flexible

Power Plastic is comprised of several thin layers:  a photo-reactive printed layer, a transparent electrode layer, a plastic substrate and a protective packaging layer. Power Plastic can be manufactured up to 60” wide in virtually any length – and panels can be combined for greater power output. 


Click here to learn more about Power Plastic’s material characteristics.


Easy to work with and install:


Just .5mm thick


3oz per square foot


Roll it, wrap it, hang it


Apply it to accessories, structures, cars, awnings, tents and more


Power Plastic's flexible thin-film photovoltaic technology uses materials that are 100% recyclable.


Operates from -20°C to 65°C (-4°F to 149°F)



Konarka will be introducing additional standard products outlined below. These panels come with and without connectors ready to be integrated

by device manufacturers.

Standard Products

Product / Power Output

Panel Weight / Size


120 (1.3W/8V)

(88g) 273mmX340mm

Portable battery charging for mobile phones, PDAs, & other small devices

220 (2.6W/8V)

(225g) 700mmX340mm

Portable battery charging for mobile phones, PDAs, & other small devices

320 (3.8W/8V)

(225g) 700mmX340mm

Portable battery charging for mobile phones, PDAs, & other small devices

520 (6.4W/8V)

(362G) 1127mmX340mm

Portable battery charging for mobile phones, PDAs, & other small devices

620 (7.7W/8V)

(429g) 1,340mmX340mm

Portable battery charging for mobile phones, PDAs, & other small devices

540 (12.8W/15.9V)

(688g) 1,127mmX676mm

Remote power, battery charging

1040 (25.7W/15.9V)

(1,341g) 2,193mmX676mm

Remote power, battery charging, communication devices

1140 (28.2W/15.9V)

(1,470g) 2,407mmX676mm

Remote power, battery charging, communication devices


Custom Products

Konarka also works with business application partners to provide custom solutions for the products they manufacture. Interested businesses are

invited to contact us

Konarka Tech Sheets and Brochures

Product Tech Sheets

Konarka Brochure

Konarka Brochure

Learn more about Konarka and Power Plastic ®
Download PDFPower Plastic® Trifold

Application Information Sheets

BIPV Applications

Our standard panels offer remarkable flexibility, versatility and ease of use for both outdoor and indoor applications.
Download PDFBIPV Information Sheet (PDF)

Portable Power Applications

Use Power Plastic to power portable electronics such as mobile phones and PDA’s.
Download PDFPortable Power Information Sheet (PDF)
Remote Power Applications

Use Konarka Power Plastic to charge consumer electronics, lighting, and other remote power needs.

Download PDF>Remote Information Sheet (PDF)

Konarka Power Plastic 20 Series

Information regarding Power Plastic 20 Series products
Download PDFKonarka Power Plastic 20 Series Technical Sheet (PDF)
Download PDFKonarka Power Plastic Solar Bag Panel (PDF)
Download PDFKonarka Power Plastic 320 Solar Charger (PDF)
Download PDFKonarka Power Plastic 620 Solar Charger (PDF)

Konarka Power Plastic 40 Series

Information regarding Power Plastic 40 Series products
Download PDFKonarka Power Plastic 40 Series Technical Sheet (PDF)

Case Studies & Market Overview

Download PDFSan Francisco Transit Shelter (PDF)

Download PDFTraveler’s Choice - Most Innovative Product 2010 (PDF)