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Comparativa Generador Eolico Gedayc con uno tradicional




Comparative GEDAYC 850Kw VS 2-Mw



60 rpm VS 20 rpm



1 m/s up to 40m/s VS 5m/s up to 21 m/s



Round Shapes = Less db VS

Sharp helices = More db



More surface 1 m/s VS less surface 5 m/s



5 m/s VS 12 m/s



30 TM VS 110 TM



1.000.000 € VS 2.500.000 €




Comparativa con Generador Eolico tradicional


This is a new concept of wind turbines evolved from conventional models.

GEDAYC is a new concept of wind turbines with blades and Kites 50% more efficient than propeller models.
Thanks to its design and the wide range of wind that generates energy from weak to very strong winds.

The idea is to create a logistics company that manages the design, manufacture and sale of wind turbines of 500 KW GEDAYC whose innovative design makes it equivalent in performance (KW / Year) siblings older than 2 MW, due to its ability to generate power with winds weaker and stronger than propeller models.
The idea of creating this design came from improving the design of current wind generators 3 shaft. We note as a single comet BOW model covers the range of 5 wind windsurfing sails.

The BOW model comets belong to the new sport of kite surfing, and within the sport have brought a revolution because of its ease of use, its wide range of wind that support, the possibilities of regulation, more optimal design, and its ability to fly easily.

This led us to investigate advances in wind generators and find only more of the same, single-propeller turbine, propeller bi-, tri-propeller, propeller curves etc, but always propellers, it was then decided to install a blade and comets wind turbine.
The problems that have large wind turbines are their huge size, its excessive weight, high cost, limited range of work, the decibels they generate, the problems at the end of a shovel, repairs, manufacturing, transportation, maintenance, voltage peaks, the visual impact, bird strike.
The wind speed in the world usually is 6 m/s and large wind turbines have their rated power from 12 m/s, GEDAYC has a design that would enable its rated power is within 6 m/s with what we should Wind Turbine cheaper and more efficient.
Gedayc (wind generator blades and comets) solves many of these problems and we are confident of success of this initiative which is based on the manufacture of a turbine 5 times cheaper than current models, 5 times faster, 5 times easy to carry, 5
times easier to install, 5 times easier to fabricate, with 3 times the range of work, almost equivalent in energy generation and much smaller.
They are wasting thousands of good locations for wind turbines of medium power, as only seeking land for giant wind turbines of 2 or more MW.
It is about making the world’s largest wind turbine but the most efficient, capable of producing more KWh/year at lower cost.
We believe it is not necessary that the generators are so large nor so powerful, but smaller, more efficient, capable of generating power with very weak winds to strong winds.


Comparative power of 2 MW generator propellers and GEDAYC

Comparativa de Potencia Gedayc

GEDAYC Revolution wind turbine concept works at almost all wind speeds

gedayc revolution wind turbine concept works at almost all wind speeds 1gedayc revolution wind turbine concept works at almost all wind speeds 2gedayc revolution wind turbine concept works at almost all wind speeds 3


Wind is no doubt one of the most reliable sources of renewable energy. Conventional wind turbine designs, however, fail to get the most out of it at low wind speeds, and hence, they require some design-related modifications. Spanish industrial designer David Sarria Jiménez proposes an innovative wind turbine design that promises to be five times cheaper, faster, easier to install and fabricate than current models. The much smaller turbines, dubbed as GEDAYC Revolution, can utilize weak to very strong winds to generate energy.

The highly efficient wind turbine could rotate its wings at 6m/s wind speed with extreme ease. Flaunting blades and kites, the concept turbine is quite capable of generating 50% more power than the traditional propeller-based models. Designer: David Sarria Jiménez568488


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